How to Brew Guides

Choose a Method

It’s not just the coffee you choose that defines the taste in your cup. Your grinder, your brewer and even your water will have an impact. These step by step guides are a starting point, not a set of rules, for getting the most out of each of our favourite methods. Each coffee behaves differently, so play about with the variables to find the recipe that's right for you.


Named after its distinctive V-shaped cone, which falls at a 60-degree angle, this easy-to-use, single-cup pour over brewer will produce a delicate, lighter bodied cup highlighting the clarity and acidity of your beans.


The French Press, or Cafetiere, is a classic immersion brewer that’s dead easy to use and a staple of most households. Done right, it can produce a full-bodied cup with big bold flavours.


Invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, this curvaceous glass brewer mixes form and function in equal measures. As well as looking good – so good in fact that it made it into the Museum of Modern Art – it produces a clean and complex cup and caters for large brew rounds.


Portable, lightweight and versatile, this brewer allows you to experiment with different styles of coffee at home or on the road

Inverted Aeropress

The inverted Aeropress technique involves doing the immersion part of the brewing in the in brewer while its upside down, then flipping it over to plunge, giving you more control over your extraction.

Clever Dripper

Taking the ease of immersion brewing and combining it with the clarity of filter brewing, the Clever Dripper will help you make a consistently good brew time after time.


Learning to brew espresso at home can seem pretty daunting - what with all the gadgets, recipes and different variables to control - but this simple guide should provide a solid starting point for the uninitiated.

Moka Pot

The Moka Pot will allow you to make a concentrated, espresso-like brew with very little kit - all you need is your brewer, a stove and a little patience.