How to BrewAeropress

Invented in 2005 by Albert Adler, boss of Aerobie and maker of world record-breaking frisbees, the Aeropress is a small, lightweight, two-tubed brewing device that cleverly combines immersion and pressure. The coffee is brewed for a short length of time before being forced through a filter paper by pressing the plunger into the tube.

It’s become a firm favourite among speciality coffee drinkers because of its value for money (you can pick one up for less than £30), ease-of-use and ability to produce cafetière or pour-over style coffee in seconds.

But the best thing about it, in our opinion, is its portability. It’s small enough to fit in your travel luggage or back-pack, and you don’t need to get all precise with a gooseneck kettle if you don’t have one.

Key Facts

  • Coffee dose: 15g
  • Water: 250g
  • Grind size: fine (like fine sand)
  • Water temperature: 92-96 °C
  • Brew time: 1 minute

What you'll need

  • 15g freshly ground coffee beans
  • AeroPress and paper filter
  • Kettle 
  • Weighing scale and timer
Construct and prepare

Step 1Construct and prepare

Place a filter paper into the Aeropress basket and screw into the chamber. Rinse it with water just off the boil (about 92 - 96°C) to eliminate paper flavour and to heat up the brewing chamber. Pour away the rinse water afterwards.

Add your coffee

Step 2Add your coffee

Place it on top of the mug, and then the whole thing on top of your weighing scale. Tare the weighing scale, before adding your coffee (we recommend 15g of coffee per 250ml of water used as a starting point), then tap the chamber to make sure you’ve got a level bed. If it’s handy, you can pour your coffee using the funnel that comes with the AeroPress.

Brew your coffee

Step 3Brew your coffee

Tare your scales again, then pour the hot water (92 - 96°C) into your brewer while starting the timer. Pour 250g of water, making sure you coat any patches of dry grounds. The coffee bed should raise up and bubble a bit - this is the trapped CO2 gas escaping.

Get ready

Step 4Get ready

Give it a gentle stir, being careful not to disturb the filter at the bottom. Place the plunger back into the brew chamber (but don’t press it down yet), then pull it slightly up to create a pressure seal.

Plunge and serve

Step 5Plunge and serve

After 1 minute of brewing, take the Aeropress and mug off the scales and onto a flat surface. Push the plunger down with steady pressure, stopping as soon as you hear a hissing sound. Remove the Aeropress and enjoy.

The right beans for your Aeropress

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