Cafetiere Brew Guide

Like a trusted old friend, you can always rely on the Cafetière, or French Press, to delivers the goods. It’s easy to brew, consistent, makes multiple cups, and with no extra kit needed, it’s the easiest brewing method to get started with. 

Invented in 1929, the Cafetiere is a full immersion brewer. Coarse grounds are in direct contact with water throughout the process, producing a heavier bodied coffee with rich, bold flavours - similar to what you’d expect on a cupping table. 

Key Facts

  • Dose to water ratio: 15g coffee per 250ml of water
  • Grind size: coarse (like breadcrumbs)
  • Water temperature: 92 - 96°C
  • Brew time: 4 minutes

What you'll need

  • Freshly ground coffee beans 
  • Cafetière 
  • Kettle 
  • Weighing scale and timer
  • Coffee mug

Step 1Prepare

Warm the empty cafetière with water that’s just off the boil (92- 96°C) and give it a good stir. This will help keep the brewing temperature once water is poured. Pour away the rinse water afterwards

Add your coffee

Step 2Add your coffee

Place the Cafetière on the weighing scale. Tare the scale, add your chosen amount of ground coffee (we recommend 15g of coffee per 250ml of water used), then tare it again.

The pour

Step 3The pour

Pour your chosen amount of water in slowly to ensure even soaking of the grounds. Give it a good stir, before placing the plunger on top of the vessel (this will help retain the brewing temperature) and leaving it for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes is up, then give it another good stir to release trapped CO2 gas from the brew, replace the plunger and leaver for a further 2 minutes.

The plunge

Step 4The plunge

Gently push the plunger all the way down – the slower the better. If it resists, the coffee’s still extracting, so wait a little longer. Pour the coffee into mugs or a decanter straight after you’ve plunged, to avoid over brewing, and the chance of fines in your coffee.

The right beans for your Cafetiere

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