How to brew with aClever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is an invention from a Taiwanese company named ABID Co (Absolutely Best Idea Development Company – genius brand name). It comes in two sizes - 300ml and 500ml – and it’s really easy to get a consistently good cup of coffee from.

What’s clever about it? It takes the ease of immersion brewing (like a French Press) and combines it with the clarity of filter brewing. The contact time between coffee and water is longer than it would be in a standard pour over, so it works well with fuller bodied coffees like those from Brazil or Costa Rica. 

  • It’s especially good for someone new to coffee who wants to learn more about brewing, but doesn’t like the attentiveness a V60 requires.
  • It’s good value for money at around £20 (cheaper than an AeroPress, but more expensive than a plastic V60),
  • It’s made from sturdy plastic and comes in various colours.
  • it’s not quite as portable as an AeroPress because it’s a little bulky, but it’s much easier to brew with on the go.
  • It’s not quite as beautiful as a copper V60 or a stainless steel kalita, and it might not fit snug on every mug/jug you might want to use 
  • Unlike a French Press, you’ll also need to buy filter papers.

Key Facts

  • Coffee dose: 15g 
  • Water: 225g 
  • Grind size: course (like Cafetiere) 
  • Water temperature: 92-96 degrees
  • Brew time: 3 – 3.30min

What you'll need

  • Coffee beans
  • Clever Dripper
  • Filter Paper
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Scale and timer
  • Spoon
Construct and prepare

Step 1Construct and prepare

Fold both the ridged edges of your filter paper back on themselves (this helps the filter fit in the dripper). Place your filter paper in the dripper. Place your dripper over the cup you’re brewing into and pour freshly boiled water over the filter paper to rinse the paper and heat the dripper and cup. Pour away the rinse water.

The Pour

Step 2The Pour

Place the ground coffee into your dripper and give it a little shake to level the bed of coffee. Place the dripper on your scales and push ‘start’ on your timer and pour all the water (225g) continuously in concentric circles over the coffee, making sure all the grounds get soaked.


Step 3Stir

Once your water is all in, give the coffee a stir gently four times round, trying to remove any bits of coffee stuck to the sides, but not disturbing the bed of coffee at the bottom of the dripper.

Brew and Drip

Step 4Brew and Drip

Place the lid on the brewer and leave. After 1 minute 45 seconds has passed, place the brewer onto your cup and let the coffee run through. This should take around 60 seconds to fully drain.

Drink it

Step 5Drink it

Remove the clever dripper from the cup and slurp away.

The right beans for your Clever Dripper

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