Sidra Brewing Guides

Hello! If you’re reading this, then you are probably the proud owner of 20g of very expensive, but very delicious coffee.

The flavours in this coffee are super intense, so you have a good window of forgiveness if your brew isn’t quite right. The coffee is what I would describe as “omni roast” which means it works well for all brewing methods. This is the exact same roast profile as the one I used for UKBC. I rested the coffee for 10 days, then froze it. I then ground the coffee from frozen on stage immediately before brewing.

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As always, give your drink 5 circular stirs to fully homogenise the flavours (and amend any stratification!) and please enjoy.



If you’re planning to make an espresso with this coffee, you’ve got some serious courage putting all 20g into a portafilter basket you only get one shot (pun intended).

On stage at UKBC, my highest scoring espresso was brewed this way:

19g dose, 43g yield, 36 seconds brew time – at 94c temperature. The 94c temperature was to help compensate for the frozen coffee. The coffee is on a lighter end for espresso, so you will get the best out of this with a flat burr grinder, aiming for an even and high extraction.

As espresso I tasted Fermented Pineapple, Yuzu and Blood Orange. There was a medium pleasant grapefruity bitterness on the finish.

Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper

I’ve been trying to think of the best way for you to get 2 brews from this coffee. I think the answer is by using immersion to avoid channelling and allowing you to extract evenly.

In a clever dripper, use a V60 filter paper and fold it along the bottom so it fits the shape of the brewer.

Rinse with hot water.

Add 10g of medium ground Sidra (the Clever is fairly forgiving with grindsize)

Pour 160g of 95c water all at once and leave to brew for 3 minutes. Do not put a lid on top.

At 3 minutes, break the crust on top using a spoon – like you would a cupping bowl and place on a decanter.

Everything should have drained through by 3:30 and you will have a delicious brew.

This method is great for giving the coffee good body.

You will taste the fermenty pineapple and heaps of citrus fruits, backed up with a surprising strawberry yogurt flavour.



As before, we’re going for a small brew here. If you don’t have a size 01 V60, that’s fine, just be careful not to pour too close to the sides, to avoid bypass. Don’t grind finer than you normally would do for V60, even though we’re only brewing 10g – a slightly coarser grind works well with this specific pouring technique.

Add 10g of Sidra to your pre-rinsed V60.

Pour 20g of 95c water and swirl the brewer to wet all the coffee.

At 30 seconds quickly pour up to 70g

Wait for all the water to drain through and then quickly pour up to 120g

And for your 4th and final pour, again wait for the water to drain through and top up quickly to your final weight of 160g.

The coffee should be finished by about 3:30.

This pouring technique allows for really high extraction thanks to the multiple pours and by letting the water drain through each time, it gives the fresh water the maximum chance to extract as much as possible through percolation. You will get notes of strawberry laces up front, a lot of bright, clean citrus, with a fizzy and silky body, and finishing off with the familiar grapefruit and blood orange.

Sidra Brew Guides