v60 Brew Guide

Designed by Japanese manufacturer Hario in the 1980s, the V60 is a drip brewer that’s named after its V-shaped cone and the 60º angle that it falls at. It’s simple to get started with, quick to brew, and easy to clean.

Although it comes in a range of materials, colours and styles, it’s 3 key design features are the important bit. A cone shape, large single hole and spiral, airflow ridges combe to create a consistently clear, lighter bodied cup that lets delicate flavours shine through.

Place your filter paper in the cone. Your coffee into the filter. Pour. And watch your brewed coffee drip into your cup. Use our method below as a starting point, then play around with your water temperature, grind size and extraction time to refine to your taste.

Key Facts

  • Coffee dose: 15g
  • Water: 250ml
  • Medium grind (like table salt)
  • Water temperature
  • Brew time: 2-3 minutes

What you'll need

  • 15g freshly ground coffee beans 
  • V60 Dripper and filter paper
  • Coffee Mug or Decanter
  • Kettle (ideally Gooseneck)
  • Weighing scale and timer 
Construct and prepare

Step 1Construct and prepare

Fold the filter into a cone shape, place it in the V60 then place the whole thing on top of your mug or decanter.

Rinse the filter paper with water just off the boil (about 92 - 96°C) to eliminate paper flavour and to heat up your vessel. Pour away the rinse water afterwards.

Add your coffee

Step 2Add your coffee

Place your dripper and vessel onto the weighing scale, tare the scale, then add your ground coffee, creating a nice, even bed (we recommend 15g of coffee per 250ml of water used).

Tare your scale again once you’re happy with your coffee dose.

Coat and Bloom

Step 3Coat and Bloom

Gently pour hot water onto the coffee grounds – just enough to cover it all evenly (we aim for 3 times the weight of the coffee dose).

Tap the whole thing on the table lightly to even out the bed, then let it bloom for 30 seconds (the coffee bed will raise up and bubble as the trapped CO2 gas escapes).

The pour

Step4The pour

Pour the remaining water in a gentle, spiral motion, working your way from the outer edge of the bed inwards to make sure the grounds are soaked evenly.

If you can, try to pour slowly and continuously, stopping when the scales reach 250g. Your total brew time should be 2-3 minutes


Step 5Serve

Remove the brewer, give it a quick swirl to aerate the coffee in a vessel before serving, then pour the coffee into a mug.

The right beans for your V60

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