Aladino Aladino Aladino


Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Mango

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Roast Level

Light Medium Dark


Cupping Score

  • Bean Single origin coffee beans
  • Origin Finca Aladino, Cajamarca, Peru
  • Process Semi-carbonic maceration


Wholebean or Ground



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100% Arabica Coffee Beans. For maximum freshness, drink as soon as possible. Once opened, keep in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Roasted and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

This Peruvian coffee is sweet and juicy with a sparkling acidity - bursting with berries and ripe summer fruitiness.

Fermented semi-carbonically for 96 hours and dried in a solar dryer for 25 days, it’s the processing that really makes it shine. Its blackcurrant and raspberry notes made us do a double take at the cupping table.

  • Origin Peru
  • Department Cajamarca
  • Department Cajamarca
  • District Chontali
  • Farm Finca Aladino
  • Growers Aladino Delgado Perez and Rosa Burga Vasquez
  • Process Semi-carbonic maceration
  • Altitude 1871-2100 MASL
  • SCA cupping score 86.38
  • Variety Caturra and Tabi
  • Acidity High
  • Sweetness High
  • Body Medium


Aladino Delgado Perez is a second-generation farmer, inheriting the farm and a knowledge of coffee cultivation from his late father, Urbano Delgado.

The Jaen province is surrounded by mountains and the fertile slopes, making it ideal for coffee growing, and together they set out to maximise this potential by planting the two varieties of coffee they’d heard the best specialty producers in the region were growing: Caturra and Tabi.

Since then, Aladino hasn’t stopped learning, aiming to continually perfect his growing and processing practices, and experimenting with new methodologies like the one applied to this stunning lot.



This lot is a mix of Caturra and Tabi varietals, both of which are known for impressive cup quality characteristics. The lesser known Tabi varietal is a hybrid of Bourbon, Typica, and Timor that was first introduced in Colombia in 2002 because of its resistance to leaf rust, so this genetic diversity allows Aladino’s crop some protection.

The lot is macerated semi-carbonically for 96 hours, meaning that the whole cherries are placed in sealed tanks and left to ferment in a temperature controlled, carbon dioxide rich environment, which pushes oxygen out. The CO2 allows the cherries to break down different levels of pectins, often producing bright coffees with strong notes of red fruits, and the anaerobic environment means that the flavours and aromas produced have nowhere to escape. Instead, they’re absorbed directly into the coffee bean.

After this, the coffee is pulped, washed and put to dry immediately in a solar dryer for up to 25 hours.

How to brew Aladino

We’ve been brewing this coffee on a V60 and Kalita at 20g dose / 320g water, which gives it a really nice balance between its high sweetness, bright acidity and round body. We’re also loving it as an espresso and alt milk drink (Dose 18g / Yield 36g / 28-30 seconds) about flat white size, where it’s jammy and dessert-like.

We recommend

V60 or Kalita Wave

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