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Bombe Dry

Apple Crumble | Peach | White Grape

From the communities surrounding the Bombe mountains, this coffee is juicy and sweet with a delicate, floral profile. 

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Roast Level

Light Medium Dark
  • Bean Single origin coffee beans
  • Origin Ethiopia
  • Process Washed


Wholebean or Ground



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Bombe Dry


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100% Arabica Coffee Beans. For maximum freshness, drink as soon as possible. Once opened, keep in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Roasted and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

From the communities surrounding the Bombe mountains, this coffee is juicy and sweet with a delicate, floral profile. 

The extended dry fermentation gives a great body without losing any of the complexity that great washed Ethiopians are known for. 

  • Origin Ethiopia
  • Region Bensa, Sidama
  • Co-op Bombe Washing Station
  • Producer Multiple Smallholders
  • Processed Washed
  • Altitude 2000-2400
  • SCA Score 86.5
  • Variety Regional Landraces
  • Roast colour 145
Bombe Washing Station

The ProducersBombe Washing Station

Situated below the Bombe mountains, the Bombe washing station serves producers from the Shantawene, Bombe, and Keramo communities.

As a progressive, modern washing station they separate lots into specific fermentation tanks and drying locations. This allows for special processing techniques, such as shaded fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as mesh shaded drying tables. The wet mill is well-organized and run by a team including member Atkilt Dejene, a female agronomist, among others such as processing specialist, Eyasu Bekele.

The volume capacity at Bombe washing station is at max 2.5 million kgs of cherries, but for the past couple year, this site has maintained a strict dedication to producing outstanding quality above quantity.

Washed, Extended Dry Fermentation

The coffee and processWashed, Extended Dry Fermentation

This processing method, unusual to the area, comes from a research trip to Guatemala.

Kenean Dukamo from Bombe; connected their quality manager with Josue from La Esperanza Antigua in Guatemala to collaborate on implementing the correct procedures to master the dry fermentation technique.

For the dry fermentation, the coffee rests in climate-controlled fermentation tanks post de-mucilaging. The coffee rests warm and dry while fermentation kickstarts faster than normal in the warm air environment, resulting in a heavier body, while retaining great complexity, and sweet, citrussy flavours that washed Ethiopian coffees are renound for. This process uses a significantly less water, therefore has a lower environmental footprint compared with classic washed processing methods.

How to brew Bombe Dry

Recipe: V60

16g coffee, 240g water, 3 minutes – 3.5 minutes

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