Coffee Processing: A Flavour Journey

Coffee Processing: A Flavour Journey

The same beans with three wildy different flavour profiles. This is a rare side-by-side tasting of a single coffee made using three distinct processing methods: washed, honey and natural.

It's the perfect demonstration of how process affects taste, taking one bean through a spectrum of flavour from sharp and citrussy, through sweet and fruity, to funky and boozy. From Kawacom in Sipi Falls, Uganda, a two-time winner of our Supplier of the Year award.

3 x 120g bags

Carefully Curated

For each collection, our experts have chosen three teas or coffees which are particularly exciting when they're tasted together. Whether they're linked by similaries or contrasts, each set offers a unique theme to explore.


All our collections offer a set of three amazing teas or coffees in letterbox-friendly packaging. And there's a bonus in each one, too - a free gift from us. We'd tell you what it is, but that'd ruin the surprise...

“ I wanted to show the possibilities that processing at origin can bring to the flavour in the cup, using three distinct processing methods: washed, honey and natural. Our relationship has always been above and beyond a transactional commercial one. We've innovated with Kawacom for the past five years - improving quality, coffee yield and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change in the region. These fantastic coffees are the fruits of these efforts. ”

Frank Tanner, Taylors Q Grader

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