Grab your passport, your toothbrush and your kettle - this is an intercontinental caffeine adventure, stopping off at South America, Africa and Asia.

First off, we're heading to Brazil, and a gloriously full-bodied coffee from Minas Gerais with notes of dark-chocolate and dried fruits.

A quick hop across the Atlantic and we're in Kenya, sipping an incredible coffee from the Mutira co-operative in Nyeri bursting with citrus and honey.

Our final stop is Sri Lanka's Central Province and a cup of the celebrated Lover's Leap Ceylon tea, renowned for its fresh, lemony, floral flavour.

1 x 50g 2 x 120g bags

Carefully Curated

For each collection, our experts have chosen three teas or coffees which are particularly exciting when they're tasted together. Whether they're linked by similaries or contrasts, each set offers a unique theme to explore.


All our collections offer a set of three amazing teas or coffees in letterbox-friendly packaging. And there's a bonus in each one, too - a free gift from us. We'd tell you what it is, but that'd ruin the surprise...

“ Are you tired of scrolling through other people's Instagram and Facebook holiday pictures? Don't worry - we've got you covered. You won't quite be able to get a photograph of a sunset, but we can give you a different kind sensory experience here. This is a world tour in flavour - a globetrotting experience without leaving the vicinity of your kettle. ”

Frank Tanner, Taylors Coffee Buyer

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