The Infusiast

The Infusiast

Whether it's coffee infused with whisky, black tea infused with the taste of rhubarb or Ugandan beans infused with their own fruit, letting flavours mingle can lead to greatness.
This collection contains two coffees and one fruit-infused tea. We've aged Brazilian beans inside a whisky barrel to infuses the nutty, chocolaty coffee with notes of orchard fruits, tobacco and wood. We've blended fine black tea with rhubarb pieces to lifts it rich, rounded flavour profile with a pop of sweet-sharp refreshment. And by leaving the fruity cherry on Ugandan beans while they're processed, the result is a coffee bursting with flavours of super-ripe strawberries and - taking us full circle - whisky.

1 x 48g 2 x 120g bags

Carefully Curated

For each collection, our experts have chosen three teas or coffees which are particularly exciting when they're tasted together. Whether they're linked by similaries or contrasts, each set offers a unique theme to explore.


All our collections offer a set of three amazing teas or coffees in letterbox-friendly packaging. And there's a bonus in each one, too - a free gift from us. We'd tell you what it is, but that'd ruin the surprise...

“ These are the finest coffee and teas that money can buy, with a twist. The trick to developing the Barrel Aged Coffee was to find unusual flavours that enhance each other. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of blending - but not just for the sake of it. This collection shares that cheeky play on flavour expectations. They're all a bit mind-bending, but they all work brilliantly. ”

Rick Tingley, Coffee Specialist

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