The Platinum Collection

The Platinum Collection

Three of the best black teas in existence: one Assam, one Kenyan and a gorgeous blend of both with a dash of Darjeeling.

From Halmari, India, a rich, malty Assam considered by many to be world's finest.

From Kenya, a world exclusive - the first ever orthodox tea from the renowned Imenti Tea Estate, with notes of biscuit and orange blossom.

And finally, something blended by our tea experts in Harrogate - Three Kings, the most prestigious blend we've ever created, with notes of muscatel and caramel. 

1 x 30g 2 x 40g bags

Carefully Curated

For each collection, our experts have chosen three teas or coffees which are particularly exciting when they're tasted together. Whether they're linked by similaries or contrasts, each set offers a unique theme to explore.


All our collections offer a set of three amazing teas or coffees in letterbox-friendly packaging. And there's a bonus in each one, too - a free gift from us. We'd tell you what it is, but that'd ruin the surprise...

“ We're working with producers who are not only at the top of their game in what they do, but also have a desire to innovate. This collection is their showcase - shining a light on tea estates who produce the pinnacle of quality and flavour in their region, and have a hunger to stay fresh and current. That's a perfect relationship for us, because that's what we're trying to do too, especially with our own blends. ”

Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager

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