Essential Mint

North West USA

Essential Mint

If you're timid of taste bud, turn back now. This is mint with the volume turned up to 11 - pure, extra strong, sun-dried American peppermint, with the highest essential oil content of any we've ever tasted. It's electrifying!

Ingredients: 100% Peppermint Leaf. To store, just reseal the pack and keep it in the cupboard. Blended and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

Free P&P / 24g / 12 cups

Tea Type

Peppermint leaf


North West USA


Extra strong mint


On its own

Dry, arid conditions aren't very romantic

But these agricultural landscapes in the American North West provide climatic conditions which make for mint which is incredibly high in essential oils. There's very little rainfall, so unlike mint from Europe - which is typically dried in warehouses after harvest - the US version is simply cut and laid down to dry in the sunshine of the peppermint fields.

“ It makes my mouth feel really clean and pure - it's like I've never drunk or eaten anything naughty in my entire life! ”

Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager

Essential Mint is perfect after dinner

It's a natural digestive - it helps your food to go down by calming the muscles in your stomach. It's also calorie free and caffeine free, which makes it the perfect end to a meal.

Much of the mint grown in the US isn't used for tea - instead, it lends its intense cooling effects to toothpastes and sweets. It's a shame, because that strength makes an unmissable infusion for peppermint fans.

Brewing Tips


Boil freshly drawn water and infuse 1 tsp per person

Brew Time

3-5 minutes


Enjoy on its own