Lover's Leap Ceylon

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Lover's Leap Ceylon

Lover's Leap is the most famous of all Sri Lankan teas. This unique, intense Ceylon is harvested during the dry season in January and February, when the lack of rain concentrates the flavour in the leaves. It makes a beautifully bright amber infusion with fresh, floral and lemony notes.

Ingredients: 100% black tea leaves. To store, just reseal the pack and keep it in the cupboard. Blended and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

Free P&P / 50g / 20 cups

Tea Type

Loose leaf black tea


Pedro Tea Estate, Nuwara Elliya, Central Province, Sri Lanka


Lemon, floral


Black, with milk or with lemon - or iced with fresh fruit

We wanted to bring you an exceptional Ceylon

Pedro Tea Estate has been producing teas for us for over 15 years, for both blends and single estate teas. So one of our senior tea experts, Suzy Garraghan, developed this special Lover's Leap tea in collaboration with Pedro Tea Estate. Hand plucked, lightly oxidised and rolled using the traditional orthodox method with extra fine sorting, it showcases the peak of their craft.

“ This tea has been produced in the peak quality season with the care and passion we always receive from these talented tea makers ”

Suzy Garraghan, Senior Tea Buyer

We travel to the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka regularly

We often include Pedro Tea Estate on our trip itinerary, as it produces some of Sri Lanka’s finest speciality tea. The road from the capital, Colombo, to the hilltop station of Nuwara Elliya is long and windy, but the misty views are breathtaking.

Lovers Leap gets in name from the nearby waterfall which cascades down the mountain Pidurutalagala. Legend has it that two lovers from different castes jumped off to their death rather than be kept apart.

Brewing tips


Boil freshly drawn water and use 1 tsp per person

Brew Time

3-5 minutes


Enjoy black, with milk or with lemon Also wonderful iced, with fresh fruit