Black Ruby

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Black Ruby

Take the best Sri Lankan tea that money can buy - fresh, floral and gloriously lemony - and muddle it with the flavour of rhubarb, apple pieces and hibiscus. That's Black Ruby: a mixed-up medley of fine winter harvest Ceylon and juicy, sweet-tart fruit infusion. Seriously refreshing.

Ingredients: Black tea, hibiscus, rosehips, sweet blackberry leaves, apple, natural flavourings, natural rhubarb flavourings (1%). To store, just reseal the pack and keep it in the cupboard. Blended and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

Free P&P / 48g / 16 cups

Tea Type

Infusion: black tea with rhubarb flavoured herbal blend


Pedro Tea Estate, Nuwara Eliya, Central Province, Sri Lanka


Lemon, floral, rhubarb


Black, with milk or with lemon - or iced with fresh mint

Great Ceylon tea is light, fresh and lemony

It's why it's so popular as an accompaniment to afternoon tea - that gentle citrus flavour pairs beautifully with fruit tarts and cakes, balancing their sweetness and heightening the intensity of the fruit. That same interplay of sweet fruit and lemon notes is what makes Black Ruby work.

“ It's like rhubarb and custard sweets with a sherbet lemon chaser. ”

Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager

Black Ruby is made with our exceptional Lover's Leap Ceylon

Made by Pedro Tea Estate, who we've been buying from for 15 years, this unique, intense Ceylon is harvested during the dry season in January and February, when the lack of rain concentrates the flavour in the leaves. It makes a beautifully bright amber infusion with fresh, floral and lemony notes.

“ I'm from Wakefield, which is part of the famous Rhubarb Triangle. I'm proud of those roots, so I wanted to make a rhubarb-inspired blend. ”

Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager

Brewing tips


Boil freshly drawn water and use 1 tsp per person

Brew Time

3-5 minutes


Enjoy black, with milk or with lemon