Barrel Aged Brazil

Fazenda Plato Azul, Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Barrel Aged Brazil

Our coffee specialist, Rick, has been working on this for the best part of a year. It's a beautiful Brazilian coffee aged in a barrel from Yorkshire's first ever whisky distillery Spirit of Yorkshire. The flavour profile starts with dark chocolate and nuts, then billows out into notes of super-ripe pears, sweet tobacco and cedar wood.

We age this coffee for 7-10 days before roasting, so please allow extra time for delivery. We roast coffee fresh to order every Tuesday, so order before 9am on Tuesday for delivery by the weekend.

120g / 8 cups

Coffee Type

Single origin coffee beans - aged in a whisky barrel


Fazenda Plato Azul, Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Chocolate, walnut, apple, pear, tobacco, cedar

This is a Yorkshire collaboration

For a coffee roasted and barrel-aged in Yorkshire, it only felt right to use a Yorkshire whisky barrel. The only problem - Yorkshire doesn't have any whisky distilleries. Or rather, it didn't. That all changed when The Spirit of Yorkshire started production in 2016.

Based in the North Yorkshire coastal town of Hunmanby, this new distillery is currently working on the first ever Yorkshire single malt whisky.

Spirit of Yorkshire kindly provided a 20 litre barrel made from one of the casks its been using to age its whisky. It has held the spirit for 18-24 months, making a chamber which is filled with the complex flavours created when maturing whisky meets wood - like caramel, tobacco and malt.

We place the green beans inside, then each day, we turn the barrel, take a sample of beans out to roast, taste and see how the flavour is developing. By around the one week mark, the flavours have infused into the coffee - and it's ready to be roasted.

“ The flavour starts with chocolate, nuts, pear and apple, then dissipates into an aftertaste of cedar, dark chocolate, malt, caramel and tobacco. ”

Rick Tingley, Coffee Specialist

Our Barrel Aged Coffee is made with one of the best Brazilian naturals of the season

It’s from Fazenda Plato Azul, part of a group of seven farms that we already buy from, through an exporter called Bourbon Speciality Coffees.

Bourbon works with lots of farms, but we largely limit what we buy to the farms we've been to in person - so we're not just buying quality, but also buying from a supply chain we know first hand.

We asked them to find us this season's very best natural coffees from those farms, and Plato Azul's coffee really stood out. Its full-bodied flavour profile has some lovely notes of chocolate and praline - it's a nicely rounded flavour profile which pairs well with other flavour notes where some high acidity coffees might clash. That makes it a perfect base for the barrel ageing, and it's why those infused notes of whisky, wood, tobacco and malt taste so well integrated.

A few words from The Spirit of Yorkshire’s Whisky Director, Joe Clark:

"At The Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery in Hunmanby, we’re making the county’s first single malt whisky. We’re obsessed with distilling, from grain to glass. Our instinctive approach is all about taking the best of tradition and applying new thinking.

We didn’t set out to just replicate Scotch, but to create a whisky that is filled with our own unique spirit and that of our local area.

We’re committed to making every drop of our whisky from first principles. We only use locally and sustainably produced ingredients – all the barley and spring water we use is grown and sourced here, on our family farm."