Blackcurrant Karii

Nyeri, Kenya

Blackcurrant Karii

Pucker up - this is a staggeringly juicy coffee from the Karii washing station in Kenya. It's positively bursting with flavours of ripe blackcurrant and sunny citrus fruits, drizzled with sweet notes of honey.

We roast coffee fresh to order every Tuesday. Please order before 9am on Tuesday for delivery by the weekend.

Free P&P / 120g / 8 cups

Coffee Type

Single origin coffee beans


Karii washing station, Mutira co-operative, Nyeri, Kenya


Blackcurrant, citrus, honey

Kenya is one of coffee’s most celebrated origins.

The fertile soil, high altitude and passionate farmers are a recipe for an incredible cup. Kenyan coffee is known for its acidity, which offers flavours notes like lemon, grape, green apple, blackcurrant and sweet berries. The washed process is perfect for coffees with great acidity - it takes the flavour profile down to its bare bones and lets the bean do the talking.

“ Kenya has always been one of my favourite origins - and this is a remarkable example of the coffee it can produce. ”

Frank Tanner, Taylors Q Grader

Not everyone who works at Taylors of Harrogate works directly in tea and coffee buying.

The Taylors Sourcing Academy is one of our ways of connecting the people who don't directly with the origins we buy from. It's a group of people from various departments who'll head together on a trip to one of the countries we buy from and spend a week seeing that side of the industry first hand.

In December 2017, our Sourcing Academy headed to the co-op which produces this coffee - Mutira - to meet some of the farmers in person, learn directly about coffee processing and hear about some of the challenges they face.

We've supported Mutira co-operative by funding a set of new, high quality metal drying beds - helping to improve the quality of their coffee throughout the season and increase how much they can produce.