Ethiopia Guji

Guji, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Guji

You've heard of Yirgacheffe, you've heard of Sidamo - but have you heard of the up-and-coming region next door? It's called Guji, and there's a big buzz surrounding it in the speciality coffee world. It's carving out a fantastic reputation for coffee which is complex, varied and very different to its famous neighbours. This is our favourite Guji of this season, a stunning natural that sips like silk, with notes of whiskey, apricot and jasmine.

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Coffee Type

Single origin coffee beans


Shakisso Farm, Guji, Oromia, Ethiopia


Whisky, floral, strawberry, apricot, jasmine

Guji is in the South of Ethiopia bordered by two other famous growing regions, Yirgacheffe and Sidamo.

The region of Guji is historically less well known for coffee production, and was previously considered to be part of Sidamo.

But it's now gaining a reputation for high quality washed and natural coffee, and a distinctive range of flavour notes that set it aside from its better-known neighbours.

“ There's been a lot of buzz around Guji in the specialty coffee world over the last few years - and for good reason. Yirgacheffe and Sidamo are more famous, but Guji has a fantastic flavour profile all of its own. ”

Jamie Ball, Coffee Buyer

This natural coffee is from Shakisso Farm, which was started by Haile Gebre.

It began producing organic coffees in 2001 and is now Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade USA certified.

The farm covers 640 hectares, has its own nursery sites to grow coffee seedlings and has 12 members of staff with more than a decade of experience in coffee production and processing.

From region to region, Ethiopian coffee has a huge breadth of different flavour profiles.

We've been working with an importer called Trabocca for a couple of years. They're incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to Ethiopia, so we asked them to find us the absolute best of the season. We ran a series of tastings and the flavour and quality of this Guji from Shakisso Farm set it apart from the pack.

What you'd typically expect from a speciality grade Guji is a flavour that's complex but balanced, and that's exactly what this delivers. It's boozy, fruity and floral with notes of whiskey, apricot and jasmine.