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Frank Tanner, Coffee Buyer

Frank's been with us since 2012, and worked in tea, coffee and sustainability before settling in coffee buying. He's a Q Grader, holds an SCA Diploma in specialty coffee and is a self-confessed flavour nerd. He really likes juicy, berry flavours in coffee through a filter and full bodied malty teas with a dash of milk. He's fluent in Spanish and Scouse dialect and plays a mean guitar.

Rick Tingley, Coffee Specialist

Rick's been in the coffee industry for 25 years, and joined Taylors 13 years ago - and as our coffee specialist, he works with new flavours, creates new blends and specialises in roast profiling. He likes sweet, floral coffees the most, like natural processed Ethiopian coffee, and loves visiting southern India. And before his life in coffee, he used to be a DJ in London.

Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager

Kate started at Taylors in 2001, and worked as a tea buyer, a coffee buyer, a social standards auditor and a tea blender, before settling into her specialism of inventing brand new teas. She loves a tippy Assam in the morning, a second flush Darjeeling in the afternoon and a jade oolong at night - and likes all coffees too, from citrussy Kenyan AAs to funky natural Ethiopians and honey processed Nicaraguans. She's also a lifelong Leeds United fan and makes excellent Yorkshire puddings.

Rebecca Mundy, Coffee Buyer

Becky joined Taylors in 2013, seeking a career which explored food, drink and travel. She trained in tea and coffee before settling in coffee and qualifying as a Q Grader. She loves the distinctive flavour profiles of East Africa - Ethiopia is her favourite origin to visit - and is really interested in coffee's gender equality movement. Her young son Sam, meanwhile, is fascinated with her V60 brewer.