Taylors Discovery is an experimental micro-roastery, online shop, collab network and community that’s focused on the future of speciality coffee.
Taylors Discovery?

What is Taylors Discovery?

You might know Taylors of Harrogate for sourcing and roasting some of the best speciality grade coffee you’ll find on Supermarket shelves. We’ve spent the last century doing this and we’re not about to stop. Travelling to the world’s best coffee growing regions, building face to face relationships, reinvesting in our producers and perfecting the arts of roasting and blending – all while being true to our independent family business values. 

But Taylors Discovery is a little bit different. We set it up as a place to take risks with coffee, to have more fun with coffee, and to build a vision for the future of coffee. Through our producer relationships, we’d always had access to mind-blowing beans. And through our friends, we’d always had interesting collaborations in the pipeline. We just needed a place, a team and a shop to start making these things happen.

are we now?

Where are we now?

The starting point was to set up a micro-roastery in a disused part of the Taylors of Harrogate space, and to open this online shop. In time, we hope to build partnerships with coffee shops that share our passion for quality and sustainability, to open a separate roastery, training and event space and to create an online community to host a conversation that’s much bigger and wider reaching than ourselves.

But for now, our focus is on finding, roasting and delivering outstanding coffees with stories. Some from producers we’ve worked with for years, some from those we’ve only just met, but all scoring 85 points or more on SCA’s quality scale and sourced in a way that benefits the producer. We roast fresh to order on our 6kg Giesen, with our team of Q Graders tasting each batch that goes out the door to make sure the coffee and the roast is just right.