long term relationships

We’ve spent a century travelling the globe, building face to face relationships and perfecting the arts of blending and roasting. It’s a step many companies don’t take, and this face to face way of working means we can give you access to the top 1 per cent of the world’s coffee – all freshly roasted at our home here in Yorkshire. For Taylors Discovery, that means access to the peak of the season’s crop , or collaborations with these exceptional estates to create exclusive new coffees that nobody has ever tasted before . We’re lucky enough to have more Q Graders than any other UK coffee roaster, and this range shows off the very best they can source

How We Source

Our approach to sourcing is based on partnerships and mutual respect – as well as working with our growers to build long term contracts and improve the quality of their coffee, we reinvest part of our profits in community and environmental projects that make a difference to their lives.

A Year in our Supply Chain

Investing in the people and places where our tea and coffee is grown is part of our commitment to a supply chain that empowers producer communities and helps us secure a sustainable supply of quality tea and coffee.

Our Partners

Just as we work in partnership with our suppliers to tackle social and environmental issues, we join forces with like - minded organisations to make sure we have a lasting impact on the lives and landscapes we rely on. All of the coffee we buy comes from independently certified farms and co - operatives (Rainforest Alliance, UTZ or Fairtrade) and we’ re proud to have been awarded a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development which recognises our commitment to creating a resilient supply chain.

The Tasting Room

For a first - hand perspective of our ongoing work with farmers alongside tips, guides and opinions from our coffee buyers, take a look at our blog.

Our Blog