Our family business has spent over a century travelling the globe, building relationships and perfecting the arts of blending and roasting. Over the years we’ve discovered some incredibly rare, prized teas and coffees, and created some truly exciting one-of-a-kind blends - which are too special, too exclusive or too small batch to make into shops.

They’re the kind of flavours that can turn a love of tea and coffee into a lifelong obsession - and now we want to bring them direct to you.

The power of face-to-face relationships

Travel is a cornerstone of life at Taylors. Our tea and coffee experts spend a lot of time overseas, building real, long-term relationships with the best growers in the world.

It's a step many companies don’t take, and this face-to-face way of working means we can ask these exceptional gardens and estates for the absolute peak of the season, or colloborate with them to create exclusive new teas and coffees that nobody has ever tasted before.

Developing extraordinary flavour in Harrogate

Back in Harrogate, those raw ingredients reach their full flavour potential. The Taylors coffee Q-Graders experiment, taste and perfect their roast profiles and blends, and the tea team draw on their combined experience of 100 years of curating rare teas and creating gorgeous blends and infusions.

Freshly delivered through your door

When they're ready - and while they're still gorgeously fresh - the season's most exciting teas and coffees are placed in letterbox-friendly packs and delivered to you.

How we trade

Our relationships with our growers are based on collaboration and mutual respect.
We re-invest part of our profits in community and environmental projects, and work to make a continued difference to the quality of our tea and coffee and to the lives of the people who grow them.

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