Product & Packaging

Is the packaging recyclable?

The outer box is recyclable. The inner packaging isn’t – but as with everything we make, it currently represents the best balance, in our judgement, between freshness and sustainability. With that said, this first year is all about testing and improving, so if recyclable packaging is important to you, please tell us.

Can I buy bigger packs?

This range is all about variety, freshness and the convenience of getting it through your letterbox. But if you think we should sell bigger packs, please let us know – we really want to hear all your feedback.

Can I buy these products anywhere else?

This is the only place you can buy these teas and coffees – they’re too rare, or the batches are too small, to sell in shops.

Are these products available all year round?

They won’t – the whole range changes every season, at least initially.

I want three products that aren’t in a collection – can I create my own?

You can. Any time you buy three products together, whether it’s one of our curated collections or three individual teas or coffees, we’ll include a free gift.

What’s the free gift and who qualifies to receive one?

At the moment, our free gift is a taster pack of tea or coffee from the range – though we have some different ideas for the future too. You get one free with each collection, and also when you buy three teas or coffees individually.

Can I choose my free gift?

We’re sorry, there’s no choice of free gift.

Is there a subscription?

Not yet – but we’re working on plans for that.

Where is my favourite product?

Our first year is all about bringing you the most varied selection we can, with small batch teas and coffees available for a limited time – though that might change in the future. And if you get in touch, we can help you find the product with the closest flavour profile to the one you loved from a previous season.

Can I change an item in a collection?

It’s not possible to change our curated collections – but if you buy three individual teas and coffees together, we’ll still send you a free gift.

Why don’t you sell ground coffee?

To taste these extraordinary coffees at their best, they need to be fresh – and in these starting months of this small batch, online-only business, the best way for us to make sure you’re getting very fresh coffee is to roast to order, send to you and ask you to grind at home for your brewing method of choice. We do want to sell ground coffee, though, but we’re only going to do that when we can control the freshness and the grind perfectly for you, so we need to make sure we get it right. Watch this space.

Do you have any decaf teas or products?

Not at the moment – though it’s something we’re looking into. When we crack the perfect decaf flavours, we’ll be sure to shout about it.

Can I buy for wholesale?

Not at the moment. These are small batches which are unique to this website, so currently there’s no wholesale option.

The product I want is out of stock - when can I get it?

These are small batch products, so when they’re gone, they’re gone - but if we do run out of your favourite, please tell us about it. We’re always travelling around the world looking for new and exciting teas and coffees, so we want to hear back about what you love.

How often do you roast coffee?

We’re starting off small, so initially we’re roasting one day a week (Tuesday), to make sure it’s always fresh and try to make sure little is wasted. As the business evolves, we may run small extra roasts to try and make sure you get your coffee as soon as possible.

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