Medium grind (like table salt)


Fold the filter into a cone shape and rinse it in the Hario dripper with water just off the boil (about 92 - 96°C) to eliminate paper flavour and to heat up the mug you are brewing into. Discard the rinse water.


Add 15g (1tbsp) coffee, ensuring the coffee bed is nice and even for the perfect extraction.


Saturate the grounds with water right off the boil (about 92 - 96°C). Use just enough water to cover the grounds (around 50g). Let it bloom for 15 seconds. The coffee bed should raise up and bubble a bit.


Pour the water in a slow, even spiral, working your way from the outer edge inwards to ensure even soaking of the grounds. If you're using a scale, you should pour until you reach 250g. Having only one pass means your brew extraction will be consistent every time. The more times you start and stop with water, the more likely the extraction will be uneven resulting in an under/over extracted cup.


Remove the brewer and pour the coffee into a warm mug.