Beautiful Tomorrow

Coffee Grown by Women

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Taylors & Kopakama The Story So Far


We started buying coffee from Kopakama

We helped the collective reach Rainforest Alliance Certification, donating £13,000 for a waste water recycling and cleaning system as part of the preparation


We helped the Ejo Heza committee purchase a demo plot - an experimental farm that allows the female farmers to practice new skills and farming techniques.

Working with our trading partners, Twin, we also used our investment of £30,000 to help bolster their existing savings and loans scheme, which gives members access to small loans and training in business, finance and farming.



A further £20,000 investment extended the loan and training programme so more women could take part.

Farmer training lead to even better coffee – and a microlot grown by the Ejo Heza members achieves an SCA score of 85.5 (that’s this one!)


Beautiful Tomorrow - Grown by Women coffee launches

The Coffee Beautiful Tomorrow

This is a beautifully crisp, smooth and citrussy Red Bourbon coffee. The washed process helps to develop a zesty, orange-like flavour, and there’s some caramelly sweetness which balances out that tang. In the background, we get hints of jasmine

Altitude: 1600-1800m

Process: Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon

Acidity: High

SCA Score: 85.5

Sweetness: Medium-high

Brown sugar | Orange | Jasmine

Roast Level

Light Medium Dark

From £10.00

120g / 8 cups

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