Colombia Red Geisha

Rio Paranaiba, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Colombia Red Geisha

A cutting edge anaerobically fermented Red Geisha nano-lot that balances punchy tropical fruit notes with the varietal’s famously pronounced floral character.

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120g / 8 cups

What does it taste like?

“The best coffee I’ve ever tasted”, says our Coffee Specialist Rick (who’s tasted a few over his 25 years in the industry). Geisha is the toast of the industry right now – famed for its love of high altitudes, its floral flavour and aroma and its ability to win sky high cupping scores when everything’s done right.

This particular Geisha, though, is in a class all of its own, thanks to incredible growing conditions and a state-of-the-art processing method which develops it's flavour. The result is gloriously sweet, aromatic and full of big, ripe, punchy tropical fruit notes, with that famously pronounced floral character.

Meet the growers

Mauricio Shattah and his wife Liliana found La Negrita after a five year search for the perfect coffee farm. There’s nowhere quite like it. It’s very high with gorgeous views of the Nevado de Tolima volcana - but the farm’s rarely in direct sunlight so the plants have permanent shade. It rains almost daily, features four natural water springs and has rich volcanic soil. You couldn’t design a more perfect coffee-growing climate if you tried.

Mauricio’s known for applying a scientific approach to speciality coffee. By growing exotic varieties and using a whole host of different processing methods, he’s turned this idyllic coffee farm into a cutting edge experimental playground. It’s a coffee geek’s dream with the capacity to produce masterpieces – and this coffee is one of its greatest pieces of work to date.

How it's made

This is a naturally processed coffee – but it’s unlike any natural you’ve seen before. It’s anaerobically fermented, which means the whole coffee cherries are sealed in a zero-oxygen tank for up to three days, keeping bacteria dormant while added yeast and panela (cane sugar) metabolises the sugars in the beans. It’s a tightly controlled process which lets the coffee ferment for much longer than usual, developing its flavour beyond anything we’ve tasted before. It’s then dried for 4-6 weeks on raised beds in darkness, to avoid any UV damage.

The technical bits

Origin: Colombia
Department: Tolima
Town: Villa Restrepo
Farm: La Negrita
Grower: Mauricio Shattah
Process: Natural, anaerobically fermented
Altitude: 1900-2150m
SCA score: 91
Variety: Red Geisha
Acidity: Medium-high
Sweetness: High

Best not to overbrew this delicate tea.



Brew Time

2-3 minutes


A slice of lemon