Fur Peak: Mao Feng

Wuyi Mountains, China

Fur Peak: Mao Feng

One of the best Mao Feng teas we have ever tasted. It's grown in the misty Wuyi Mountains of China's Fujian Province - an incredible climate for green tea, which lets these leaves develop a beautifully smooth and delicate flavour profile. The aroma is cut grass and chestnut, and the taste is fresh and herbal, with notes of sage and basil and a floral finish.

Ingredients: 100% green tea leaves. To store, just reseal the pack and keep it in the cupboard. Blended and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

Free P&P / 40g / 20 cups

Tea Type

Loose leaf green tea


Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China


Cut grass, basil, sage


Hot, iced or cold brewed

The tea bushes start to flush in spring

The tea bushes start to flush in spring As the weather warms, the leaves and buds start to grow following their winter dormancy. The farmers wait until 10am when the air starts to warm to pick the most tender young new leaves and buds. Next, these precious leaves are gently steamed to stop the leaves oxidising and to lock in their fresh flavour. Then they're dried slightly and rolled by hand to give very fine wiry leaf, before their final drying.

The tea bushes grow at 700m above sea level. The unique volcanic soil and temperate climate is perfect for growing very high quality teas.

China is the home of tea, and our tea experts go there regularly

It's the largest producer of tea in the world, and the choice of different varieties is amazing. A big part of any trip is to visit tea shops in all the major towns and cities. There are often trips of up to eight hours by road, visiting the remote regions where our teas are made. Over the last eight years, we've built strong direct buying relationships there.

“ I love visiting China. Our travels there often involve staying in remote hillside villages where foreign visitors rarely get the opportunity to visit - and the scenery can be stunning. ”

Ian Brabbin, Head of Tea

Brewing tips


Warm freshly drawn water to 80°C and brew 1 heaped tsp per person in a cup

Brew Time

When the leaves sink, it's ready. You can re-infuse the leaves 2-3 times


This tea is wonderful iced or cold brewed