Mauricio Shattah Sidra - Will's UKBC coffee Mauricio Shattah Sidra - Will's UKBC coffee Mauricio Shattah Sidra - Will's UKBC coffee

Mauricio Shattah Sidra - Will's UKBC coffee

Pineapple | Yuzu | Strawberry

Please note - this rare and exclusive coffee is only available in wholebean 20g portions. 

Roast Level

Light Medium Dark


Cupping Score

  • Bean Single Origin Coffee Beans
  • Origin Colombia
  • Process Nitro Flushed, Anaerobic



Mauricio Shattah Sidra - Will's UKBC coffee


  • Roasted on Tuesday and Thursday from 24th May
  • 24-hour tracked, letterbox-friendly delivery 
  • 100% household recyclable packaging 
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100% Arabica Coffee Beans. For maximum freshness, drink as soon as possible. If you have any left, just reseal the pack and keep in a cool, dark place. Roasted and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

Please note - this rare and exclusive coffee is only available in wholebean 20g portions.

For the 4th year in a row, we're partnering with Colombian pioneer Mauricio Shattah to bring you a microlot that has been passionately grown, and meticulously processed using an experimental, anaerobic technique.   

This coffee is extremely rare and is the most expensive coffee that we have ever bought at Taylors. 

Only 100x 20g tubes of this coffee are available and the first roast day will be Tuesday 24th May. 

  • Origin  Colombia
  • Department  Tolima
  • Town  Villa Restrepo
  • Farm  La Negrita
  • Producer  Mauricio Shattah
  • Process  Nitro Flushed, Anaerobic
  • Altitude  1900-2100 MASL
  • SCA score  89
  • Variety  Sidra
  • Roast colour  132
Mauricio Shattah

The ProducersMauricio Shattah

Ex-surgeon Mauricio Shattah and his wife Liliana found La Negrita after a five year search for the perfect coffee farm. There’s nowhere quite like it.

We first visited the farm in 2018 as part of a trip to find the most pioneering producers in South America and we were blown away with what Mauricio was doing with anaerobic coffee processing. After the first micro-lot he created for us – Colombia Red Geisha – turned out to be the best coffee many of us had ever tasted, we have now bought amazing coffee from Mauricio for 4 years straight!

Mauricio is known for applying a scientific approach to speciality coffee. Last time we visited the farm, he was growing 27 different varietals, many of them exotic, experimental or of unknown origin. In recent years he’s completely moved away from Washed production to focus on Naturals and Honeys, all of which are fermented anaerobically with a whole host of variables that can be changed to manipulate the cup profile, before drying in humidity-controlled darkness.


The Coffee/ ProcessSidra

We spoke to Mauricio in February 2022, he was particularly happy with how his Sidra cultivar had turned out this year. Sidra is an innovative hybrid; bred purely for cup quality. It’s a cross of Bourbon and Typica, taking the best from both. The coffee is grown at the highest part of La Negrita between 1900 and 2100 meters and Mauricio has around 2000 trees of the Sidra.

Only ripe cherries were selectively picked and processed in January then milled in March, so it is extremely fresh this results in a great intensity of flavour.

The processing is natural anaerobic and the tanks are flushed with nitrogen to displace C02 and Oxygen, helping to prevent dominant and unpleasant flavours from acetic acid from building up.

UKBC and Future Pack  

The PackUKBC and Future Pack  

Discovery's own Will Woodhouse-Banks used this coffee to compete in the UK Barista Championships this year. As an espresso it tasted like Yuzu, Fermented Pineapple and Blood Orange.

The future pack. This coffee represents the peak of modern innovation, and so we’ve put it in a pack which we think it deserves. As yet, the perfect coffee pack doesn’t exist because having something fully recyclable in your home recycling that also has a barrier to keep your coffee as fresh as possible for as long as possible hasn’t been invented yet. Our paper packs are close, but not perfect. So, we decided to challenge ourselves to design an entirely new pack with an eye on the future...fully recyclable, good looking enough that you want to leave it out on your kitchen worktop and maybe even use it again. We’re really pleased with the pack we’ve come up with but let us know what you think to it -we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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