The Height of Flavour

The Height of Flavour

This collection compares teas of three different types, from three different heights: a lowland Assam, a mountainous Chinese green and a voclanic Rwandan.

Our black is Halmari Tippy Assam, a strong, malty tea grown at sea level near the Bramaputra river.

Our green is Fur Peak: Mao Feng, a smooth, subtle and fresh-tasting tea grown at 2000ft in the misty mountains of China's Fujian Province.

And our white is Gisovu White Buds, a delicate and fruity tea from 7000ft, grown in the rich volcanic soil of Karongi in Rwanda.

1 x 30g 2 x 40g bags

Carefully Curated

For each collection, our experts have chosen three teas or coffees which are particularly exciting when they're tasted together. Whether they're linked by similaries or contrasts, each set offers a unique theme to explore.


All our collections offer a set of three amazing teas or coffees in letterbox-friendly packaging. And there's a bonus in each one, too - a free gift from us. We'd tell you what it is, but that'd ruin the surprise...

“ I wanted to put together a collection of some of my favourite teas from around the world which not only highlight the difference that altitude makes to a tea but also gives tea lovers an opportunity to try a selection of superb tasting black, green and white teas all in one collection. The Halmari Assam is rich and malty, the Mao Feng is crisp and refreshing whilst the Gisovu white tea is very delicate with peachy notes and has been made exclusively for us. ”

Ian Brabbin, Head of Tea

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