Tim Peaks Coffee

Brazil & Kenya

Tim Peaks Coffee

Created with The Charlatans' frontman, Tim Burgess, this beautiful Brazil-Kenya blend is fine-tuned to make a damn fine espresso. Served at Tim Peaks Diner (Tim's festival coffee shop and music venue) it's got a big, bold flavour profile that's bursting with blackcurrant, chocolate and citrus.

50p from each pack sold will go to Tim’s chosen charity, The David Lynch Foundation, whose mission is to change the lives of young people through Transcendental Meditation.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. For maximum deliciousness, enjoy as soon as possible. If you have any left, just reseal the pack and keep in a cool, dark place. Roasted and packed in the UK by Taylors of Harrogate, HG2 7LD.

Free P&P / 120g / 8 cups

Coffee Type

Coffee beans - blend


Brazil & Kenya


Blackcurrant, chocolate, praline, citrus, blueberry

We got to know Tim a few years ago.

It came about after he tweeted about Yorkshire Tea (our best-known blend of tea). We said hello back, had a bit of a chat and before you know it we were talking about Tim Peaks - Tim's travelling tea and coffee shop and gig venue. It sounded right up our street, so Yorkshire Tea became the official brew, collaborating with Tim on merchandise like tea towels, mugs and teapots.

When our new Discovery range launched, Tim asked us if he could work with us to create a custom Tim Peaks coffee. He visited in June and worked with the coffee team to develop a unique blend to serve at Tim Peaks Diner.

Our coffee specialist Rick created this blend with Tim

We created four blends to taste, drawing on Rick's blending and roasting skills and the fantastic single origin beans we've been sourcing for this online range.

The aim was to make a superb espresso for Tim Peaks Diner that was equally delicious using other brewing methods, so people can pick up a pack to enjoy at home too.

It was a Brazil and Kenya blend that hit the nail on the head.
The Brazil beans, from Fazenda Plato Azul, give it a lovely chocolaty depth - and the Kenyan beans, from the Mutira Co-operative, have a fruity pop of blackcurrant that's almost fizzy.
It makes a cracking espresso, with lots of body and a bold, bright punch. But that balanced flavour profile means it's lovely however you brew it.

Tim Peaks Diner grew from one word: "coffee?"

Tim tweeted it one morning, and was surprised when lots of people replied saying they'd love one. An imaginary social media coffee shop was born.
They gave it a name - inspired by Twin Peaks, because Tim's a big David Lynch fan - and before long someone had created a logo. After that, a music festival called "Kendal Calling asked if he'd like to make it happen for real.

Kendal Calling describes it as: "One of the most interesting areas of any festival in the world. Anything goes at Tim Peaks. He’s hosted acoustic sets from Nick Hayward, Edwin Collins and Pete Doherty as well as serving up his own ‘Totes Amazeballs’ cereal. There will be tea, DJs, book readings, mayhem and all manner of spontaneous happenings."

“ This is everything I want in a coffee. It's got a ton of character and it makes a damn fine espresso. ”

Tim Burgess